J Erin Hutchinson


Authentic Superior’s Founder – J Erin Hutchinson

Erin brings the vision behind Authentic Superior and is also the owner of Narrative Shift, a design & marketing firm focused on helping healthcare technology & biotech startups, the common thread running through Erin’s career history is her passion for the launch of new business ventures. Prior to starting Narrative Shift, Erin was on the ground floor of launching more than 20 new ventures, encompassing everything from restaurants and retail establishments to software start ups and consulting firms.

Her graphic design & marketing experience also stretches back over two decades. Prior to founding Narrative Shift, she provided both marketing & design services to the majority of the new ventures in which she’s been involved, as well as offering pro bono services to a wide range of non-profit organizations. She still mourns the demise of Aldus Freehand.

Erin moved to Herbster full-time in January of 2019, driven by her love of the area and her desire to return to life in a small, rural community (she comes from a dairy farming family & has always preferred country to city life). She’s passionate about being an active member in her community, which is the driving force behind her founding of Authentic Superior

Fun Facts

  • Current Home Town: The tiny township of Herbster, Wisconsin, on the south shore of Lake Superior
  • Favorite Past Job: Pastry chef
  • Hidden Talent: Has a certificate in clowning, having gone to clown college in her teens
  • Family Life: Niko, Freyja, and Rupert
  • Motto: “Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff.”