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A Cardinal On A Snowy Birch Tree

$100.00 Creative Producer: Yvette Fleming
Winter scene. Cardinal on a snowy tree branch. Watercolor | 17½" W x 14" H

Appetizer Box

$74.99 Creative Producer: Bayfield Foods Cooperative
This box features some of the best flavors our region has to offer. Each Appetizer Box includes:
  • Crostini - 7 oz. bag
  • 1# Smoked Fish or 8 oz. of Smoked Whitefish Spread
  • Honey Ham Sausage
  • Hummus - 7 oz. - Classic Hummus, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Classic Hummus topped with Greek Olive Tapenade
  • Apple Mustard
  • Dilly Beans
  • Dandelion Addiction Brie
  • 1/2# of handmade fudge - Chocolate or Chocolate Walnut
For additional cost, the following products can be added:
  • Ewe Rascal Ewe - 8 oz. - spreadable sheep milk cheese
  • Settlement Stash - 7 oz. - aged raw sheep milk cheese
  • Purple Sauerkraut
  • Ginger Carrots
  • 1# Smoked Salmon, sugar-cured
  • Glass Candy - 4 oz. bag - hard candies dusted in powdered sugar, flavors in package: Wintergreen, Peppermint, Teaberry, Spearmint
  • BAYFIELD, WI maple serving board - 6" in diameter, handcrafted by Bayfield wood artisan, Ron Makela
Note: Due to the perishable nature of some of the contents of this box, this item can only be shipped to locations within a one-day delivery window from the Bayfield area. This includes all of Wisconsin & Minnesota, as well as the northern parts of Illinois and Iowa, and eastern parts of the Dakotas.

Bee Balm Bouquet

$60.00 Creative Producer: Ann Christensen
Bee Balm is a joy to look at, and feeds the native bees,wasps and hummingbirds all summer long.

Big Bay State Park

$95.00$175.00 Creative Producer: jcmeierhofer
Pastel 8x10" framed to 16.5x15"

Brass Sterling and Stone Pendant

$90.00 Creative Producer: Grace Hogan
// sterling silver, brass and basalt Lake Superior stone // each pendant will vary slightly // about 3" x 1.5" // chain: 16", 18", 20" or 24" // made to order

Butterfly Gathering Nectar

$95.00 Creative Producer: Yvette Fleming
Butterflies eat nectar. Watercolor | 12" w X 15" h

Butterfly On a Daisy

$75.00 Creative Producer: Yvette Fleming
Butterfly resting on a daisy. Watercolor | 15"W x 12" H

Cornucopia Sunset Beach Walk

$95.00 Creative Producer: Yvette Fleming
A young family walking the Cornucopia beach @ sunset. Watercolor | 14¾W x 11½" H

Cotton Handwoven Throw / Baby Blanket

$95.00 Creative Producer: Nancy Sandstrom
This lightweight throw is perfect for a light cover while reading by the fire or as a cuddly baby blanket

Cram & Dent Scarf

$58.00 Creative Producer: Nancy Sandstrom
All cotton light and airy scarf, handwoven using a "cram and dent" technique. Handwoven cotton scarf 58" x 11".

Drip Pendant

$55.00 Creative Producer: Grace Hogan
// sterling silver // each pendant will vary slightly// about 2″ x 1″// chain: 16″, 18″ or 20″// made to order[

Five Piece Local Honey Product Sampler

$60.00 Creative Producer: Dale Paulson
This makes a perfect gift for any foodie on your list! Straight from the Herbster bee hives nurtured by Dale & Cathy Paulson are a selection of five of their incredible honey products. Their honey is free from any pesticides or chemicals. Trust us that you've never tasted honey like this! This set includes their liquid honey, chunk honey (spread or eat the honeycomb chunk!), and three flavors of their to-die-for creamed honey. If you've never had creamed honey, you are in for a treat - honey whipped to a butter-like spreadable consistency. Perfect for spreading on toast, pancakes, or just eating straight from the jar (like we've been known to do).