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“Flight Instructions”

$145.00 Creative Producer: Joan Slack
Ceramic sculpture depicting a woman and loon. "Flight Instructions" has to do with observing the natural world and learning from it...and flying into our own dreams.

“Island Drum”

$120.00 Creative Producer: Joan Slack
A handmade drum using a clay base inspired by prehistoric pottery. Goatskin cover. Approximately 11 inches in diameter, 5 inches high

“Island Journeys”

$350.00 Creative Producer: Joan Slack
I am fascinated with boats and mythology, and love reading about ravens and their stories. Living in the Apostle Islands, I enjoy creating sculpture that reflects my love of this place and the stories it evokes.

“Mother and Child”

$145.00 Creative Producer: Joan Slack
Ceramic sculpture of mother and child, the protection we try to provide, the bond that is always there. nAbout 14 inches tall, by 5 around. High fired stoneware.

“Secret Spaces”

$120.00 Creative Producer: Joan Slack
High fired stoneware, with clay and mixed media inside the niches: photographs, sculpture and embellishments. Suitable for hanging. Approximately 13" wide by 9" tall

“Superior Loon”

$95.00 Creative Producer: Joan Slack
I see loons often on the lake and love the stories of them, their history and mythology.

“Two Ravens”

$145.00 Creative Producer: Joan Slack
Raven Mythology is rich with stories of their cleverness, trickery, and intelligence. I love reading about them, and depicting them in my work. High fired stoneware, approx. 12 inches tall by 5 in diameter.

junco • abstract bird sculpture • by Sue Kemnitz

$145.00 Creative Producer: Sue Kemnitz

This original sculpture is based on the little juncos we see in the yard all the time! Uses local Lake Superior materials such as sand, pine cones, driftwood, etc.