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“Flight Instructions”

$145.00 Creative Producer: Joan Slack
Ceramic sculpture depicting a woman and loon. "Flight Instructions" has to do with observing the natural world and learning from it...and flying into our own dreams.

“Francis” Original Pastel; prints available

$50.00 Creative Producer: Dawn Aerts
Whimsical character in pastel; perfect art for children's room. Original Pastel Art Print. 16 X 20 (Matted); limited prints.


$120.00 Creative Producer: Joan Slack
This piece uses a combination of handmade paper, collage, embellishment, and is 11 by 14. Ravens can be seen as messengers, and are intelligent and clever. Framed in shadow box.

“House of new Dreams”

$345.00 Creative Producer: Joan Slack
Inspired by our collective desire to live our dreams. nPictorial felt, 100% felted wool. Ready to hang, 22.5" by 29"

“Island Drum”

$120.00 Creative Producer: Joan Slack
A handmade drum using a clay base inspired by prehistoric pottery. Goatskin cover. Approximately 11 inches in diameter, 5 inches high

“Island Journeys”

$350.00 Creative Producer: Joan Slack
I am fascinated with boats and mythology, and love reading about ravens and their stories. Living in the Apostle Islands, I enjoy creating sculpture that reflects my love of this place and the stories it evokes.

“Two Ravens”

$145.00 Creative Producer: Joan Slack
Raven Mythology is rich with stories of their cleverness, trickery, and intelligence. I love reading about them, and depicting them in my work. High fired stoneware, approx. 12 inches tall by 5 in diameter.

Big Bay Creations, Sterling Silver, Helm Weave bracelet

$55.00 Creative Producer: Elizabeth Ellis
Sterling Silver Helm Weave design bracelet w/Sterling Silver Clasp.

Celebrating Gnome

$15.00 Creative Producer: Island Carvers and Treasures
A Garden Gnome who is happy that 2020 is almost over.   Laser engraved and hand painted Ornament on a natural birch slice by Island Carvers in our Studio.  2 3/8"wide x 2 5/8"high.  Size and shape of the ornament you receive may vary slightly.  Free Shipping.

Custom, Portrait Photograph

$100.00 Creative Producer: Dawn Aerts
Turn your black and white photograph into a classic portrait with hand-painted finish in acrylic or watercolor. We can customize using your favorite photograph or we will take a photo and hand-color.

Deux Roosters, limited prints

$50.00 Creative Producer: Dawn Aerts
Whimsical original watercolor; 12 x 18, limited prints available.

eco printed eyeglass case ferny

$14.00 Creative Producer: Joan Slack
100% fine wool, printed with Madeline Island leaves. Hold your eye glasses in style with something special from the island and Lake Superior. Botanical printing is a process of using fresh plants, natural dyes, and a steaming process to print on the fabric. Embellished with a vintage button.