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“Francis” in Pastel, Print

Whimsical character in Pastel. Original Pastel Art Print. 16 X 20 (Matted).

Cat Fish, Original Acrylic

Whimsical acrylic portrait for cat lovers! 18 x 24 Prints available, @ $ 50.00 each.

Custom, Portrait Photograph

Turn your black and white photograph into a classic portrait with hand-painted finish in acrylic or watercolor. We can customize using your favorite photograph or we will take a photo and hand-color.

Gaga Gals, Five Notecards

Notecards from original art series. Friendship cards; whimsical fun to celebrate 5 paper notecards ( 4 x 6") with envelopes.
garden blooms abstract painting by Wisconsin artist Sue Kemnitz

garden blooms

These contemporary and modern coral and fuchsia blooms are perfect for your home or office.
bird sculpture - junco - by sue kemnitz

junco • abstract bird sculpture • by Sue Kemnitz


This original sculpture is based on the little juncos we see in the yard all the time! Uses local Lake Superior materials such as sand, pine cones, driftwood, etc.