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“Island Journeys”

$350.00 Creative Producer: Joan Slack
I am fascinated with boats and mythology, and love reading about ravens and their stories. Living in the Apostle Islands, I enjoy creating sculpture that reflects my love of this place and the stories it evokes.

“Secret Spaces”

$120.00 Creative Producer: Joan Slack
High fired stoneware, with clay and mixed media inside the niches: photographs, sculpture and embellishments. Suitable for hanging. Approximately 13" wide by 9" tall

“Superior Loon”

$95.00 Creative Producer: Joan Slack
I see loons often on the lake and love the stories of them, their history and mythology.

Big Bay Creations, Sterling Silver Byzantine Weave Bracelet

$150.00 Creative Producer: Elizabeth Ellis
By far, this 18g. Sterling Silver bracelet is my most popular design. Made on Madeline Island with hand wound and cut sterling silver links. Each link is then opened and closed in a pattern to create this stunning bracelet pattern. Pictures 7.5 inches. Order to size.  Matching necklace also available.