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Blended Lace Scarf

$110.00 Creative Producer: Nancy Sandstrom
Enjoy the softness and lacy texture of this gentle blue scarf. The scarf offers a plain weave base of cotton combines with a silk supplemental weft in an overshot pattern. The soft colors come from scenes of Lake Superior winter. Scarf is 62" x 10 1/4" (not including fringe). Care: Handwash in warm, soft wring in towel and hang to dry. Press with medium steam iron. Vendor provides shipping or delivery.

Overshot Weave Towel II

$42.00 Creative Producer: Nancy Sandstrom
One of a series of handwoven towels in an Overshot pattern. This supplementary weave makes for a wonderful towel, absorbent and soft. Towel holds up to use, while providing a unique item for your kitchen. This towel is the consistent overshot pattern without the grey border. Size: 27" x 17 1/2". Care: Machine Wash & Dry. Gets softer with use! Vendor will ship or deliver.  

Superior Sunrise Towel – Oops!

$42.00 Creative Producer: Nancy Sandstrom
OOPS! This indicates discounted item due to minor flaws (OOPS!) during the weaving process....My error is your opportunity! With a few minor flaws, this towel celebrates the glorious sunrises arising over Lake Superior. Early morning glory! The towel is an 8-shaft twill block pattern that offers numerous design options on the loom. The towel is 100% cotton and is intended for joyful use in your kitchen! It get softer and more absorbent with use. Size: 31" x 21.5". Care: Machine wash warm, machine dry warm. Vendor will ship or deliver.