How Will the Marketplace Work?

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Customers Will Shop the Marketplace

Buyers will be able to shop the marketplace, placing anything they want to purchase in their online cart (just like any other e-commerce site).

Customer Will Check Out & Pay for Their Item(s)

Once a buyer is ready to check out, they’ll pay for all their items via a single transaction (via credit/debit card or PayPal through a very secure payment gateway).

Payment is Completed & Vendor Is Notified via Email of the Sale

The seller of each item purchased will receive an email alerting to the sale, containing the info on what was purchased, who bought it, shipping address, and any other notes from the buyer

Purchases Are Packaged Up

The seller is then responsible for packaging up the item and shipping it (the site will calculate shipping costs so that you’re not burned by higher than expected shipping fees).

The seller ships off the item to the buyer’s delight.

Each item is set up to calculate appropriate shipping fees for the preferred shipping method. And, local pick up/delivery can also be made available.

Vendors Receive Payment for Sales

Then, on a monthly basis, the seller receives an automatic deposit to their bank account for all sales.

Vendor Has Real-Time Access to All Sale Info

At any time, the seller will have a custom vendor portal online where they can view details on all their sales transactions. The sales details will be 100% transparent to you.

How Will the Marketplace Work?

Absolutely nothing. Really. Thanks to support from CBAC and the team at Narrative Shift, we are making it feasible to sign up any & all South Shore artists, craftspeople, farmers/food producers, and other makers completely for free.

We will provide you with just a couple of simple forms to fill out that give us all the info needed to get you set up. You’ll need to provide basic info about yourself, type of items you want to sell, brief bio, headshot and/or logo images, a list of what you want to sell (item titles, description, price, weight/dimensions), and image(s) for each item.

During the first phase of the marketplace’s launch, we will not be charging any commission on sales. By early 2021, we will implement a commission structure.

This will be extremely fair and more than competitive with commissions charged by area galleries/shops as well as other online marketplaces like Etsy. The total commission structure is TBD. We want to get input from the vendors first in order to establish a structure that everyone feels is fair.

You will be able to request a payout via your online Vendor dashboard (or ask one of us to do this for you) on a monthly basis. Payouts can be done via direct bank deposit or PayPal.

Just ask! Part of the funding for Authentic Superior involves the expert assistance with building out a basic vendor web site, giving marketing advice, and if need be, getting photos taken of your items.

We will also be rolling out a comprehensive marketing effort to get the word out about Authentic Superior via print & online ads, social media, word-of-mouth, and much more. The team behind the platform have more than 20 years of marketing & design expertise, specializing in new ventures like Authentic Superior.

Reach out anytime to chat with us! You can send us an email or give a call to Erin Hutchinson at 715.774.3849.

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Calling All South Shore Region Artists, Craftspeople, Farmers, and Makers!

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